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Pet Therapy
December 7, 2010, 3:08 pm
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Why not give the gift of giving this holiday season and bring your sweet pet along?  The PAWS Therapy Pet Program is a way for you to visit schools, retirement homes and other facilities with your pet.  For the people in these facilities, the presence of your pet can change their entire day.  For those in a nursing home, your pet could ease their loneliness.  At the hospital, your pet could temporary ease someone’s pain.  And in the school’s, a child struggling with reading won’t even hesitate to read to your non-judgmental furry friend.

Of course, not anyone with any pet can be a part of the program.  You and your pet must first be registered through Delta Society, which requires an evaluation of both you and your pet.

So, how do you know if your pet would be a good therapy pet?  Here’s just a few basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Do they enjoy car rides? Obviously, you and your pet will be doing a lot of driving to and from the facility so if Fido gets car sick or Whiskers freaks out, they may not be good candidates.
  • For dogs: Do they know basic training commands? All pets are assessed for suitability and required to pass an aptitude and behavioral test.  Dogs must additionally pass a training test that requires:
    -That your dog accepts being approached and petted by a stranger
    -That they will walk on loose leash through a crowd
    -Will “sit” and “stay” on command
    -Come when called
    -Behave nicely around other dogs.
    -Be able to focus on a person, even when there is food nearby and take treats carefully from a stranger’s hand.
  • Does they enjoy meeting and being handled by strangers? Also consider, what if that stranger pets them clumsily, perhaps running their hands against the grain of their fur or pressing too hard?
  • Does they tolerate being touched over his entire body, even if handled roughly?
  • How do they handle loud noises, yelling, or strangers who walk oddly?
  • Does your small dog, cat, rabbit, or ferret, enjoy sitting in the laps of strangers?
  • How will they react around wheelchairs and medical equipment?

If you and your pet are interested in becoming a therapy team, go to the Meet & Greet on Thursday, December 16 at 7pm at the PAWS Humane shelter.  Please, don’t bring your pet, but you are welcome to bring pictures!  Angie is a certified Delta Society evaluator and she will be there to give you more information and answer any questions you have.


Turkey Week Adoptions
November 28, 2010, 7:55 pm
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Congratulations to the 12 no-longer-homeless pets who got adopted at PAWS last week!  It is now the kick off to the holiday season and I’m hoping that each week I check on the adoptions the number will get higher and higher!

I don’t have anything new for today, I just got back from my Thanksgiving break with my family, but keep checking this week for new posts.  I just have a few reminders (and also a correction!):

  • The Happy Howlidays event is coming up soon (I think the first time I mentioned this I had the wrong time)!
  • Also, make sure you turn in your Foster Application for the Foster for the Holidays program by December 15!  These sweet pets need some love for the holidays too!

December Promotions, Specials & Events
November 20, 2010, 5:12 pm
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PAWS has quite a few things planned for this holiday season, including adoption specials and events!  Here are some things happening in the month of December:

Adoption Special

  • $25 off of Cat Adoptions
  • $50 off of Dog Adoptions

Veterinarian Services Promotions

  • Chihuahua $60 Spay/Neuter for the entire month of December (look for more details in my previous post!)

Happy Howlidays Event
December 11th from 4-7 pm @ the PAWS Humane shelter

This even is a great opportunity to bring the kids and your furry family members to PAWS Humane for a day filled with holiday fun! You’ll be able to get your photo taken with Santa and enjoy hot cocoa and snacks. Children can decorate frames, stockings, and cards for friends and family. Admission is free, but they ask you to bring an item from the wish list for an orphaned shelter pet and help them celebrate the Holiday Season.  Donations wouldn’t hurt either!

Foster for the Holidays
To me, this is one of the most important programs PAWS does over the holidays.  Foster for the Holidays is an opportunity to provide a homeless pet with a holiday season that they wouldn’t get at the shelter.  If you’re  interested in helping give these shelter pets the best Holiday season,  complete the Foster Application (which can be found on their website) and email to or deliver to PAWS by December 18th.  Accepted participants will receive confirmation and can visit PAWS December 17th -19th to preselect their potential foster pet.  Foster pet pickups will be December 22nd and returns will be January 4th.  Those who decide to adopt their foster pet (and I hope you do!) will be able to complete the final paperwork and receive their ‘Foster for the Holidays’ discount on January 4th.

Adoptions and Events!
November 19, 2010, 10:46 am
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Yesterday there was a total of 5 adoptions!

  • Scooter (Cockatiel–5 years old)
  • Jazzy (Rabbit–8 months old)
  • Julie (Cat, Shorthair–2 months old)
  • Coco (Pomeranian Mix–1 year old)
  • Riley (Chihuahua Mix–4 years old)

Congrats to these sweet pets and also to the adopters!

I'm Jesus. Adopt me!

Even though 5 are gone, there are still PLENTY that need adopting (like Jesus).  Check out the PAWS website at and look under “Pets” to see who is up for adoption.  Right now there are 43 cats and 20 dogs that all need a forever home!

Within the next week I’ll be going to PAWS to do some animal cuddling and then I’ll post my experience with a particular animal (who will it be?!).

Also, Saturday, November 20 (TOMORROW!) PAWS will be offering both you AND your dog flu vaccinations provided by local Winn Dixie pharmacists.  Yes, dogs can get the flu too, and it definitely doesn’t feel better than when you get it.  So come by PAWS tomorrow from 1:15pm to 4:30pm for your vaccinations.  Vaccinations for dogs are only $10 and $23 for you (FREE to those with Tricare and Medicare).  This is an awesome deal, so call today to make your appointment: (706)565-0035     (PAWS only provides services to animals that have been spayed/neutered)