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December 31, 2010, 9:32 am
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PAWS has an AWESOME special for the month of January:

CAT SPAY= $45      AND         DOG SPAY=$60!!!

Bring in your female pet and take advantage of the BEST DEAL IN TOWN!  Hurry and schedule your appointment today before all slots book up! Call (706)565-0035 for more information and to schedule your appointment.

The only way to keep animals from being euthanized at Animal Control is spay and neuter your pet.  The Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are over 70,000 puppies and kittens born every twenty-four hours. HOLY MOLY that’s a  lot of babies!  There are about seven animals to every human born and at this rate, it is just not possible to place them all. So if you truly care about finding a home for every animal than you will spay and neuter your pet!


Pets of the Week!
December 30, 2010, 10:43 am
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It’s time for the PAWS Pet of the Week!  These lucky pets get to kick off the new year!  Also, congrats to Sammy and Bella (previous cats of the week) on being adopted!



Drift is a 1 ½ yr. old female solid white domestic shorthair. She is a fairly petite cat. When Drift first came to the shelter, she would stay by herself while all her roommates played and cuddled together. She was scared of people and would run away and hide. Poor Drift! Thanks to another kitten here at the shelter Drift is becoming more sociable. Raven, a 10-week-old tortoiseshell kitten was lonely. We put them together and they immediately developed a friendship. Raven was outgoing and was not afraid to take the standoffish Drift under her wing.  They cuddled together and Raven kept Drift safe and secure. Raven has taught Drift that humans are not so bad and she doesn’t have to be scared and lonely. Raven has been adopted and now it’s Drift’s turn! Drift needs a calm home where she can continue to receive affection and security. Drift is spayed, current on vaccinations, FeLV/FIV negative and micro-chipped. Her adoption fee is $100.



Frankie is a handsome six year old border collie/Alaskan husky mix who couldn’t find his way home. A kind citizen picked him up and tried to find his owners but had no luck. When Frankie came to us he was heartworm positive and very matted — he even had some little pinecones stuck in his fur. Currently he is sporting a lion cut but when his fur grows back, he will have a very beautiful, shiny black coat. Frankie is very calm, quiet, housebroken and well-behaved; he seems to love children and car rides, and he really enjoys it whenever people come to visit him. Frankie will need to be the only dog in the household. He has been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and heartworm treated. His adoption fee is $175.

Welcome Back!
December 29, 2010, 9:56 am
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break because I know I did!  Even when I’m on vacation I still look at the PAWS website to see who has been adopted and who is still at the shelter.  Since PAWS was closed this past weekend, instead of looking to see who was adopted, I looked to see who had been fostered for the holidays.  Those listed as fostered are:

(Cats)  Black Mamba, Pretty Boy, Chelsie, Cleopatra, Redding, Pumpkin, Jezzie,
Chase, Norman, Sammy, Roo, Abigail, and Anjou
(Dogs) Coco, Katrina, Brandy, Sybella, and Simon

While these sweet babies are enjoying their foster homes (maybe even their forever homes), come to the shelter and visit those who were unable to spend their holidays in a home, like Drift (cat) who has been at the shelter since the end of August or Comet and Otis (dogs) who have been there since October.  And to those of you who are fostering, thank you so much!

Drift, 1 year 9 months old

Comet, Lab/Shepherd Mix, 1 year 7 months old

Otis, Chihuahua/Mix, 4 years 2 months old

Buddy & Sammy: Pets of the Week
December 22, 2010, 11:38 am
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These lucky boys get to celebrate Christmas during their week, but will they find their forever home by then?



Sammy is a beautiful chocolate point Siamese cat. He is about six years old. He is looking for someone to love and pamper him and would make a great couch buddy. He likes dogs as well as other cats. He does have some special needs that will require an owner who will be attentive to keeping his teeth clean. He has big beautiful baby blue eyes and is very sweet. Sammy is neutered, current on vaccinations, FeLV/FIV negative and micro-chipped. His adoption fee is $50.00.



Buddy is a two year old hound mix in need of a forever home. Buddy is playful and happy and would do very well in an active household. He seems very smart and eager to learn. He also seems to be housebroken. Buddy is neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and micro-chipped. His adoption fee is $175.


PAWS will be closed December 24-27, so if either of these gentleman catch your attention, hurry and get to the shelter so they will be able to celebrate the holidays with you!

Christmas Pet Tips
December 20, 2010, 11:00 am
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There’s no better way to celebrate the season than with your pets.  But we also have to remember that our furry friends need to stay safe while also having fun!  Sometimes we forget that just because our routines may change during the holidays, it doesn’t mean our pets’ need to.  Here’s some tips on how to keep your Christmas merry, instead of celebrating it at the vet:

  • O Christmas Tree. Most of us already have our trees up, but make sure that you securely anchor your Christmas tree so it doesn’t tip and fall, causing possible injury to your pet. This will also prevent the tree water from spilling. Remember, some tree water may contain fertilizers that can cause stomach upset. Stagnant tree water is a breeding ground for bacteria and your pet could end up with nausea or diarrhea should he drink.
  • Hold the Tinsel, Please. Kitties (and even my pup) love this sparkly, light-catching “toy” that’s easy to bat around and carry in their mouths. But a nibble can lead to a swallow, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting, dehydration and possible surgery.
  • A Furry Feast? We all know not to feed our pets chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol, but do you know the lengths to which Fido will go to get a taste of something yummy? Make sure to keep your pets away from the table and unattended plates of food, and be sure to secure the lids on garbage cans.
  • Mistletoe Woes. Holly, when ingested, can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems. And many varieties of lilies, can cause kidney failure in cats if ingested. Opt for just-as-jolly artificial plants made from silk or plastic.
  • Leave the Leftovers. Fatty, spicy and most human foods, as well as bones, should not be fed to your furry friends. Pets can join the festivities in other fun ways that won’t lead to costly medical bills! I know my pup loves steamed veggies like carrots and green beans (with no seasonings, of course).
  • Oh the Candlelight. Don’t leave lighted candles unattended. Pets may burn themselves or cause a fire if they knock candles over. Be sure to use appropriate candle holders, placed on a stable surface. And if you leave the room, put the candle out!
  • Wired Up. Keep wires, batteries and glass or plastic ornaments out of paws’ reach. A wire can deliver a potentially lethal electrical shock and a punctured battery can cause burns to the mouth and esophagus, while shards of breakable ornaments can damage your pet’s mouth.
  • Cocktails. If your celebration includes adult holiday beverages, be sure to place your unattended alcoholic drinks where pets cannot get to them. If ingested, your pet could become weak, ill and may even go into a coma, possibly resulting in death from respiratory failure.
  • VIP Room. Give your pet his own quiet space to retreat to—complete with fresh water and a place to snuggle. Shy pups and cats might want to hide out under a piece of furniture, in their carrying case or in a separate room away from the ruckus.
  • New Year Nuisance. As you count down to the new year, please keep in mind that strings of thrown confetti can get lodged in a cat’s intestines, if ingested, perhaps necessitating surgery. Noisy poppers can terrify pets and cause possible damage to sensitive ears.

Pets of the Week!
December 18, 2010, 10:01 am
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Who are the lucky ones who get extra special attention this week? Santa’s Little Helper and Bella!  Both these ladies have been at PAWS for a while and are in need of an extra special home.

Santa's Little Helper

Santa’s Little Helper is a super sweet and playful one year old lab mix. She came to PAWS from Animal Control in November and is now ready for her new home. She is a happy girl who would enjoy some children to play with. She also enjoys other dogs.  This sweet girl will need a strict indoor-only home because she is quite the sneaky fence climber! She has been spayed, is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and micro-chipped.  Her adoption fee is $175.



Bella is a 2-year-old white and black spotted cat who is in DIRE need for a forever home.  This poor girl has been here since the end of July! She is a shy girl and is trying very hard to adjust to shelter life. Bella takes a moment to warm up to strangers but once she does, she is a cuddle bug! Bella cannot show her true colors in a place with so many strangers so we ask that you visit and spend a little time with her or perhaps consider fostering her through the Christmas holiday. Bella is spayed, current on vaccinations, FeLV/FIV negative and micro-chipped. Her adoption fee is $100.

Also another note, both Babs and Barney, two of our previous pets of the week, have been adopted!

Kitty Corner: A Moment with the Cats
December 16, 2010, 6:19 pm
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Today was somewhat of a gloomy day and all I wanted to do was lounge around.  So who better to relax with than the kitties at PAWS?  Here’s a few of them that particularly stuck out in my mind!


Dollar is at sweet 2 year old cat who was adopted from an animal shelter in Hawaii but whose owners cannot be contacted.  If you can’t tell by the picture, he is one big boy, weighing in at 15 pounds!!  When I approached his condo, he was snoozing in his cubby hole.  Generally when you go near the condos, all the cats want your attention and they’ll meow and rub against the door.  But not this big guy!  I slid my hand near him so he could sniff me, and he still didn’t really care too much about me.  Then I started to pet him and that’s when he got charged up.  He immediately started purring and “kneading dough.”  This lazy guy would love to snooze around all day and be the ultimate couch buddy!


Jezzie is a 2 year old tabby that’s been at PAWS since October.  This lucky guy is in one of the front colony rooms with several other cats.  Like usual, when I entered the room all the cats approached, rubbing against me and begging for my attention.  Jezzie came up to me and sniffed me, but he wasn’t as interested as some of the other cats.  After sitting there for a few minutes with the other cats, he finally decided to come to me and lay in my lap.  When he approached, none of the other cats tried to push him away.  It was if they all knew he had priority.  He would then periodically get up and munch on his food even when I was in the middle of petting him.  He definitely knows who is boss, HIMSELF!

Come check out Dollar, Jezzie, and the other cats at PAWS at the shelter!  They will certainly appreciate your attention!